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Dog Days of Summer

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The Dog Days of Summer

It's the Dog Days of Summer and the HEAT is on!  Traditionally, July 3rd to August 11th are the hottest and longest days of the year.  These are what some call the Dog Days of Summer.  Buy Why?  Some attribute it to our furry friends lack of activity in the heat and their need for extra water time.  However, the orgin of the name is from Roman Astrology and the star Sirius also known as the dog star.  You can see Sirius more often during these dates.  The reason these seem to be the hottest days of summer is due to the tilt of the Earth.  During Summer the sun hits the Northern Hemisphere at a more direct angle and for a longer period of time throughout the day.  Therefore, we have LONG and HOT days ahead.  

To ward off the worst that these days have to offer; find some shade, hydrate, find your local swimming hole, and wear sunscreen.  Of course, if your interested in renting or owning property with a community pool, we have many options available for you.  Just visit our website or call our office at 802-297-1550.

Dog Days

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